A committed group for sustainability

Every year since 2003, we have renewed our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, with the conviction that sustainable development is an essential lever for our success and, more broadly, that of society.

2023 Sustainable Development Report

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2022 Report

2020-2021 Report

Guaranteeing the health and safety of all

As an industrial group, the health and safety of employees are priorities for us, the objective being to strive for zero accidents. To achieve this goal, a multi-year plan has been put in place to improve and consolidate the safety culture, based on various parameters: the involvement of managers and teams, the identification of risks, the improvement process and a permanent safety dialogue.

Preserving the Earth's Resources

Our Research and Development department focuses on developing new technologies on a daily basis to preserve water and air and generate a direct and positive impact on climate change. Among these, the integration of cullet in the composition of the glass, the installation of closed and controlled water networks or the treatment of the fumes leaving the installations.

Valuing diversity

At Arc, the differences, whether of the order of gender, disability, nationality, age, ethnic origins, sexual orientation, convictions, beliefs, education, social origins, or culture are a source of value for us. Allowing all employees to make their contribution knowing that they will be heard and recognized is part of our corporate culture.

Developing the human capital of the company

Rich in the talent of its teams and the diversity of its personalities, our Group is committed to supporting them in developing the technical know-how and managerial skills essential to a leader in tableware. Everywhere in the Group, we invest heavily in the training of our employees and partnerships are developed with local schools and universities or specialized in glass production.

A sustainable value chain

The principles of integrity and transparency are fundamental to the way we conduct our business and operations around the world. We have a Code of Ethics, which guides our employees in the decisions they make on a daily basis. Policies and commitments in the areas of quality, safety, security, environment, energy and food safety also form the basis for our operational activities around the world. Finally, we have a supplier charter that sets out Arc’s expectations in terms of ethics and compliance.

Being socially committed to the territory

Wherever we operate, our presence is significant, both through the scope of our facilities but also as an actor and employer in the local economy. Sharing, solidarity and investment in the territory have been part of the fundamentals of the company since its creation. These are anchors that stabilize Arc in times of change and unite employees around local projects.