Innovation is one of our values. For two centuries now, we have not stopped innovating and reinventing ourselves to better meet the expectations of our customers. Often envied, never equaled, this strength that characterizes us, allows us to remain the leader in our market while creating value at all levels of the company.

Developing new concepts and new processes, offering new collections every season, creating new shapes and accessible products that are always more practical, safer and more resistant is at the heart of who we are as a compay.

Over the past ten years, this capacity for innovation has given rise to previously unseen types of glass such as Black glass, Krysta®, colored opal or culinary opal.

Culinary opal

The culinary opal glass is one of the Group’s latest innovations. A new material that is 30% lighter than the materials traditionally used for baked dishes. Healthy and non-porous, the culinary opal has an impact resistance 3 times higher than porcelain. It also remains inert to heat up to 250°C.

The Smart Cuisine range was voted “Product of the Year” in 2019 in France.

In 2022, Arc innovates again by launching structured culinary opal dishes.

Colored opal

We have developed a process that allows the opal glass to be tinted throughout the mass. This is a world first, as never before a glass manufacturer been able to bring such intensely colored opal tableware to the market. In addition to the very up-to-date color palette that characterizes these collections, material effects are now being added to them.


Krysta® is one of the purest crystals (transparency index 98.8) offering  the same tint as real crystal. It is highly resistant to shocks and dishwasher-proof.


Black Glass: a durable glass

Black glass is made from 70% waste glass, recycled in our own factory. Melting it requires 26% less energy than conventional clear glass, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of its manufacture.

Effervescence Plus

“Laser mousse point” designed to maximise and enhance the effervescence of Champagne.
Champagne bubbles to infinity!