Sustainable and responsible solutions

Since 2020, our Group has been committed to a circular economy approach in order to limit the waste of resources and the environmental impact. This is reflected in particular in local production but also in sustainable and responsible solutions.

Promote local production

Made locally

Even today, 50% of our worldwide turnover comes from production from our historic French site, and 75% of this production is sold in Europe.

At the end of 2019, 200 collections manufactured on the Arques site received “Guaranteed French Origin” certification for all of the Group’s brands.

100% of our US production is sold domestically and our factory in Nanjing also mainly serves the Chinese market.

Alternatives to disposable plastic

Storage boxes and glass jars

Since January 2020, it is forbidden in France to sell disposable tableware. Convinced that glass is the future of plastic, we have created collections to replace plastic containers.

Practical, light and ergonomic, the Easy Box Luminarc® glass storage boxes go directly from the refrigerator or freezer to the traditional oven or microwave. This range has been awarded the German Design Award 2020.

With Luminarc® Pure Jar or Storing Box, no more disposable packaging! Hermetic, easy to wash and store, they were designed for the purchase and storage of bulk products.