The Group’s greatest asset is its staff

Through their performance, expertise and passion, the men and women who work at Arc contribute to the company’s development on a daily basis.
The Human Resources Department supports the Group’s development through a pro-active, responsible HR policy. It guarantees the renewal of the Group’s talents, ensuring skills are handed down from generation to generation and invests in training for the benefit of all employees.
Being socially responsible
Maintaining and developing our expertise
Investing in training
Promoting work-study programs
Being socially
Being socially responsible
People enjoy working at Arc. Social responsibility is one of the corner-stones of the Group’s overall strategy.
Arc aims to develop its business while contributing to the economic and social health of the regions in which it is located. The group seeks to ensure the well-being of each employee by providing good working conditions and a stimulating, positive professional environment.

Maintaining and developing
our expertise
Maintaining and developing our expertise
Acknowledging the work and value of all employees is a priority at Arc. Each employee plays a crucial role in the Group’s operations, contributing to its dynamism and long-term success.
With this in mind, the Arques site has been reorganized into Autonomous Units which enable each employee to take on new responsibilities within their teams.
This type of organization gives greater meaning to each person’s work. It enables each employee to fully exploit their existing expertise and develop their skills through new projects.

in training
Investing in training
Workers, designers, salespeople, administrative managers, etc. Arc constantly invests in training its employees, because they are the future of the Group.
In France, the annual training budget represents almost 2.5% of the payroll, i.e. around 50,000 hours of training
Arc’s objective is to develop best practices, foster mobility within the company, and to give everyone the opportunity to develop, maintain and transmit their know-how.

Promoting work-study
Promoting work-study programs
The Group plans to recruit about a hundred people on work-study schemes each year on the Arques site. By anticipating retirements and renewing the labor force in optimum conditions, the Group ensures its expertise is handed down and that new recruits are effectively integrated.
In 2016, one hundred and twenty new apprentices will join the company on work-study schemes. Arc’s objective is to hire and retain ALL these young apprentices at the end of their work-study programs.
Because Arc is forward-looking, it manages and develops all its talents. It is today that the company’s future will be drawn!


All the professions of glass and crystal making are represented at Arc. Design, marketing, research, engineering, manufacturing, decoration, sales, and so on. There is a wide range of different jobs. Here are three professions with a promising future.

Hot-end operator
Sales Manager
From the idea to the drawing

Designers work at the very start of the creative process. They draw the model, and describe each detail of its production. With a close eye on the market, they interpret the latest trends and draw inspiration from them for their proposals. The subtlety of their art involves combining user expectations with the physical capabilities of the materials. They work in close collaboration with the marketing teams and the Research and Development Division. In this rewarding and creative profession, each project is a challenge, requiring artistic skill, imagination... and great attention to detail.


Arc is recruiting in several areas of production, as well as in marketing and Research and Development. Are you looking for a job? Consult our offers on a regular basis. Are you looking for an internship? Come and find out about our careers! Maybe you will find your vocation in life…